Heat stroke: The treatment

In case of heat stroke, it is necessary to intervene as soon as the first symptoms appear. High fever and overheating of the body can lead to loss of consciousness in just a few minutes. The condition of the person in distress can deteriorate rapidly, and dangerous cardiovascular problems, even fatal, can occur.

If you see a person suffering from heat stroke, try to reassure them, and immediately notify the emergency (on the 15th or 18th), then bring first aid, you can apply the first treatments:

  • Transport the person to a cool shade, and extend with the raised upper body.
  • Slightly loosen her clothes and / or undress her as much as possible.
  • Try to refresh her face and body by covering her with fresh, damp cloths or tissues, applying water compresses on her skin.
  • Try to get fresh air (for example through a fan, a fan).
  • Give her water to drink (if she is conscious).

    Never leave a person undergoing heat stroke unattended!
    This is the most important: until help arrives, always keep an eye on someone suffering from heat stroke. In particular, it is important to check regularly if the person is conscious, breathing and reacting (when talking or touching):
  • If she is unconscious and breathing: Put the person in PLS (lateral safety position).
  • If she does not breathe: take CPR (cardiac massage and artificial respiration), and keep them until help is available to take over and provide care. The care team will give specific treatments.
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