Horny foot: The causes

The appearance of a horn often occurs because of friction occurring when wearing bad shoes adapted to his feet.

However, without being the direct cause, other factors can promote this friction: a deformation of the foot or a bad positioning of the body. In this case, the feet compensate the imbalance to eventually generate areas of hyper-support that can be painful.

People with diabetes are particularly prone to the complications of corns. Indeed, their pathology causes a disorder of sensitivity (people with diabetes have a change in the sensitivity of the extremities).

Under these conditions, all wounds or pathologies in the feet can worsen and lead to complications like infection. Each year, nearly 10, 000 diabetics are slipped from their feet due to carelessness.

Other people are at risk: pregnant women, the elderly, and those who wear safety shoes as part of their professional activity.
Foot-horns rarely develop in children.

Complications can occur when a foot horn is not treated. It can turn into bursitis. It is a pocket of serous fluid under the horny region susceptible to infection.
It may then form a sluice, a kind of small canal that extends to the bone and may cause osteitis, that is, inflammation of the bone. The care will be more important because the affected area will be longer to heal.

But these complications are rare because the pain is often unbearable and therefore encourages to quickly consult a chiropodist or a doctor.

Bursitis or hygroma: kézaco?

You have probably already had bursitis, this inflammation of the serous bursas that protect our joints. Zoom on bursitis in the shoulder, knee or elbow

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