Conjunctivitis: Symptoms

The symptoms of conjunctivitis are usually easy to recognize. When one suffers from conjunctivitis, one has the sensation of having sand in the eyes, these are more or less red, appear more or less inflated, the light can be troublesome, a pain can exist. When one wakes up in the morning, the eyelids are sometimes stuck by secretions (rather in case of bacterial infection).

Do not scratch, even if itching, it only increases the irritation, redness and the risk of hurting the conjunctiva as well as spread the potential germ from one eye to another, or to spread it to his surroundings.

> Viral conjunctivitis usually affects both eyes (because they are very contagious). These conjunctivitis are often associated with a "cold". The doctor examines the eyes and verifies that the cornea and the conjunctiva are not the seat of a wound, that there is no foreign body. On examination, the doctor can look under the eyelids to find the presence of follicles (small transparent vesicles sometimes very numerous and confluent); it's easy for the lower eyelid, sometimes it turns the upper eyelid to look for it at this level, it's not painful.

> Bacterial conjunctivitis, eyelids tend to be stuck in the morning, sometimes with other symptoms: secretions or crusts.

> Allergic conjunctivitis affects both eyes in the form of tearing, itching, redness of the eyes, and even edema of the eyelids, sometimes associated with rhinitis (hay fever). These conjunctivitis can be more or less serious. Sometimes persistent without complete healing between outbreaks. On examination, the ophthalmologist returns the eyelids and finds the presence of less important follicles (making like small "cobblestones").

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