Self-confidence: The consequences

The consequences of a lack of self-confidence are multiple, and change according to the people concerned:

  • You refuse responsibility: you are afraid of failure and, as a result, you do not take risks, whether in your studies or in your professional life.
  • You are not comfortable in society: speaking in public or facilitating a meeting seems impossible to you, you are afraid to blush, to stammer ... And you avoid as much as possible the relations with the other.
  • You do not want to be noticed: having difficulty in asserting your point of view in front of others, you will rather follow their advice and show you "conformist".
  • Over time, a vicious circle can set in. Persuaded that we will not succeed, we do not dare to speak for fear of being ridiculous or misunderstood. Faced with this erased attitude, the entourage gradually takes the habit of not asking our opinion. Result: we feel devalued because surely, if we are not asked, it is that we are not up to the task. So we are ashamed, we shut ourselves up ...
  • The lack of self-confidence can, in some cases, lead to even more serious consequences, to a real identity crisis, and it becomes difficult to cope with everyday life. When it is very pronounced, it is not uncommon that one comes to no longer assume his responsibilities for fear of failure. By not wanting to put forward, we can refuse a professional advance for fear of not being competent.

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