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How to muscle your brain?

On the occasion of the Neurodon 2008 organized by the Federation for Research on the Brain (FRC), discover the video made by Christophe Malavoy.

In this interview he explains his commitment to the cause of Neurodon. Finally, read this article if you want to know more about brain research and support FRC.

Neurodon video: an advertising spot that raises awareness about the importance of brain research and neurological diseases. Result: donate to the Neurodon, an operation organized by the Brain Research Federation (FRC).

Keep the research in mind: support the FRC (Federation for Brain Research)!

You want to react, to give your testimony or to ask a question? Appointment in our FORUMS Neurology or A doctor answers you !

To read also our files:

> All about neurological diseases
> How does the brain work?

Author: Corinne Soulay.
Expert consultant: Dr. Etienne Hirsch, President of the Federation's Scientific Council for Brain Research, and President of the specialized scientific commission for neuroscience at Inserm *.
March 2008.

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