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How to have a bilingual child?

Having a bilingual child is the wish of many parents. Things can be done more or less naturally ... especially if one of the parents is a foreigner, or if one lives outside France or a French-speaking territory.

At birth, all children are in principle equal to learning a language. They all have the same chances of becoming bilingual. What will influence their linguistic development is the environment in which they will grow until they are five years old.

Before this age, a child is unable to tell the difference between two living languages. He will assimilate them in the same way, as one and the same mother tongue. It will be the same for a third language.

After this step, the child who has internalized one language will consider the second language as a foreign language. The brain will not react in the same way between these two languages.

No matter how old your child learns a second language, there are ways to learn and master that other language. International schools, regular language courses, talk to him constantly in your native language ...

This folder provides lots of information and practical advice that can help you to become bilingual.

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Author: Ladane Azernour-Bonnefoy.
Expert consultant: Barbara Abdelilah-Bauer, linguist and psychosociologist.
Last update: July 2011

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