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How to play sports for less? : The advice of the sports coach

Interview with Lydie Raisin *, sports coach.

Are there any particular contraindications or rules to be respected when one practices a sport without professional supervision?

I think if you pay attention, there is little or no risk. All alone at home, there is no more risk than in a group course of 40 people where the teacher can not take care of each individually **.

For a city-dweller, what is the best way to practice a sport without breaking the bank?

Cycling is a good solution, it's always better than nothing! There is also walking, brisk walking (to do by going to the market, work), the pool, jogging (which costs only a good pair of sneakers!), Or the physical culture at home, with a manual, because we make work the whole body. The important thing is to vary the activities.

What is the minimum time of sport per week to practice to be in good health?

To converse: two sessions of one hour per week.

To improve: three sessions of one hour per week. For a complete program, we can alternate: one hour of stretching (relaxation), one hour of physical training (bodybuilding), one hour of cardio (endurance work, breathing).

More and more books offer sports exercises to do at home. Do you think they can be really effective?

The manuals are often well done and complete. However, I would advise to pay, at least once, a good coach (attention: always ask to see his diploma or his professional card, because in this medium there is also charlatans!). This person will test you, inform you about your contraindications, and what you should not do, and establish a personalized program for the whole year. A professional opinion is important before starting alone in a sport.

In times of economic crisis, do you think that the French sacrifice their leisure, and in particular sport?

It all depends on the sport we practice. If we were playing polo or golf, for example, and we know financial problems, we do not practice anymore ... On the other hand, if we go jogging, we will continue to practice, because that does not happen. costs nothing at all.
I think that this economic restriction concerns more the middle class, registered in prestigious clubs, or who likes to do internships (tennis, dance) and which is obliged to restrict itself.

* Lydie Raisin is a sports coach and author of:
- " Shape up to 100 handle, Leduc ed S, 2009.
- "Home Coach", ed. Marabout, 2004.

** NDRL: It is recommended that people aged 50 or over take medical advice if they decide to start a sports activity. This advice is also important for younger adults who have special problems, such as high blood pressure, if they smoke ...

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