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Infant colic: treatments

Infant colic is very common and safe. So there is no need to worry about your baby. Also, be aware that there is no specific treatment to give your child.

Antispasmodic drugs have limited efficacy that has not been proven. In contrast, drunk herbal tea, some plants with antispasmodic virtues, such as chamomile, licorice and verbena, can reduce colic.

Dietary changes are not recommended as first line. However, the change of milk can be proposed by the doctor in case of associated disorders (regurgitations, etc.).

Anyway, do not change the baby's diet without talking to your doctor.

Finally, if infant colic is a benign and transient condition, the presence of other symptoms calls into question the diagnosis and therefore justifies a medical consultation.

Counseling during the crisis

The only rule, facing an infant in crisis difficult to appease, is to maintain self-confidence, and to remain calm. However, this is not the simplest thing, the hardest part being to reassure oneself!

Why not start with quiet music to relax the atmosphere?

Some people recommend gently massaging (in a circle) the baby's stomach, or wearing it in a ventral position (straddling your arms). But you must know that none of these remedies works every time.

The important thing is to have reassuring gestures and not to respond with agitation. Maternal intuition is often the best guide.

But if your 'methods' and the advice given do not work, there is nothing to make you feel guilty. What the baby needs in these painful moments is a mother who loves and supports her.

Baby's health in 10 questions

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