Cheloid scar: the treatments

The treatment of the cheloid scar depends on the type of scars and the patient's request.

The treatments used are the following:

  • Compression : compression measures are used to prevent the cheloid scar from growing too much (pressotherapy). It is based on custom-made compression garments, plate dressings often from the family of hydrocolloids to wear at least 12 hours a day, silicone gel or dressings.
  • Cortisone Injection: Cortisone is injected into the scar every four weeks for 4-6 months. These injections are usually painful and can be complicated by side effects (acne, vessels on the scars, clearer pigmentation). It is possible to increase the efficiency of doing vascular laser sessions in combination.
  • Injections of chemotherapy : molecules are injected into the cheloid scar. These injections should be reserved for complex situations that do not respond to other treatments with close monitoring.
  • Surgery : we remove the scar through surgery.
  • Botulinum toxin : a new technique for injecting botulinum toxin just after surgery to prevent the appearance of hypertrophic scar could be interesting.

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And in case of hypertrophic scars?

For hypertrophic scars, we will try in the foreground measurements of compression of the scar and massage to break the collagen fibers and allow the scar to find a satisfactory flexibility. These measures are to be followed for at least 6 months.

In case of failure, cortisone injections can be done every 4 weeks for 6 months and if the efficacy is not sufficient, we can propose the removal of the scar by surgery associated with a compression of the new scar for avoid recurrences (dressings, clothing).

In case of a very extensive scar and failure of previous measurements, one can perform chemotherapy injections into the scar.

For the keloid scar, the same treatments are applied: bandages, injections of corticosteroids, and in case of failure, surgery is considered possibly combined with radiotherapy.

On a case-by-case basis, these are complex treatments to be discussed with patients that are not always covered by social security.

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