Chondrocalcinosis: the treatments

If the causes of chondrocalcinosis joint remain still unknown, treatments can happily soothe the pain and the symptoms.

The first measure to put in place in case of crisis is the rest (more or less important) of the joints affected by chondrocalcinosis.

Treatment of acute attacks

In case of acute attacks of joint chondrocalcinosis, which resemble those of gout, taking colchicine at 1mg / day and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs is effective in preventing or reducing the frequency of seizures. During the crisis, it is often necessary to give larger doses.

Treatments for chronic pain

In case of chronic pain, analgesics and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed in the first place. Corticosteroids, infiltration or oral in small doses, are sometimes necessary.

Treatment of secondary chondrocalcinosis

In case of secondary chondrocalcinosis, the doctor gives a treatment to cure the endocrine or metabolic disease of origin (hyperparathyroidism, hemochromatosis ...).

And surgery?

The highly destructive forms of joint chondrocalcinosis, may require surgery (with placement of a total prosthetic hip prosthesis or knee prosthesis). It is an orthopedic surgeon who takes care of this procedure.

Note that a diet rich in magnesium (there are mineral waters rich in magnesium) can be useful because it promotes the solubility of the crystals.

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