Cholecystitis: treatments

The only treatment for cholecystitis that prevents recurrence and complications is the surgical removal of the gallbladder (cholecystectomy).

The operation is performed by laparoscopy (very small scars) most commonly, or by conventional incision of laparotomy, in some cases (especially if there are complications of cholecystitis). In addition to the operation, an antibiotic treatment is also set up for a few days.

But before operating, to be certain of the diagnosis, the doctor (or the digestive surgeon) requires additional tests: blood test for a biological assessment, abdominal ultrasound.

After this procedure, hospitalization is short-term, in the absence of complications. The patient then remains at home for a few days, he still has some tugging in the abdomen.

If cholecystitis has been diagnosed at an advanced stage, for example with peritonitis, the surgical treatment is heavier, and the recovery longer ...

After the operation, the liver continues to produce bile, which then passes directly into the common bile duct to be released into the small intestine.

Food and digestion are not affected. The bile is just secreted more frequently, possibly resulting in more liquid stools. Thereafter the patient will have a normal diet, that is to say balanced.

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