Thyroid Cancer: Treatments

The treatment of thyroid cancer is done in several stages.
In the case of thyroid cancer, the thyroid is surgically removed first. Four to five days of hospitalization are usually required.

Then the patient receives a complementary treatment by radioactive iodine (irathérapie) to destroy the possible leftover cancerous thyroid left by the surgeon, as well as the possible metastases. This is a capsule to swallow. This painless treatment is performed as part of a new three-day hospital stay.

Subsequently, to compensate for the absence of thyroid, the patient follows a lifetime treatment with thyroid hormones at doses a little higher than the needs. The dosage of "good treatment" sometimes requires some adjustments (by blood tests), but it is important that the HRT (the pituitary hormone that stimulates the thyroid) is kept low, in order to reduce the risk of recurrence and metastasis.

The cure or complete stabilization of a cancer of the thyroid is 90%, if this cancer is detected and operated before 40 years. Metastases in the neck region (lymph nodes) are common, but not serious except when they recur, other metastases are rare.

Overall, it is estimated that the patient is out of business after six months without complications, which does not exclude regular monitoring!

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