Throat cancer: the causes

More than causes, for throat cancers, we prefer to talk about risk factors.

Tobacco and alcohol are by far the main risk factors for throat cancer.

The share attributable to tobacco on pharyngeal cancer would be 76% for men and 46% for women. This shows the determining factor that plays cigarette in the occurrence of these tumors ...

As regards alcoholic beverages, their attributable share for oral and pharyngeal cancers is estimated at 70% for men.

The association tobacco - alcohol is particularly harmful for these cancers. Alcohol acts locally as a solvent, thus able to promote the spread of carcinogenic substances tobacco through the mucous membranes in the throat.

Also, people consuming a lot of alcohol and who are also smokers will have to be very vigilant, and in particular to consult with the least suspicious symptom.

Note that some cancers of the throat may be due to an HPV infection (papillomavirus), contracted as a result of oral sex.

Throat cancer does not mean a lot in medical terms. More specifically, it is a cancer of the pharynx, the larynx, the amygdo-glosse groove ... And overall, we talk about head and neck cancer that includes different types of tumors.

Larynx cancer (nearly 4, 000 cases per year) affects, for the most part, men. It can be revealed by pains in the throat or a change in the voice by reaching the vocal cords, spitting with blood, a ganglion in the neck area ...

It is more difficult to have epidemiological data on pharyngeal cancers alone because they are "counted" with cancers of the mouth, lip and tongue (head and neck). In any case, these cancers are also more numerous among men.

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