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Holiday books: for or against?

Holidays ! The opportunity to finally rest, enjoy the sun and do nothing ... well, not for everyone. Every summer, traditional holiday homework (or notebooks) sometimes slip into our children's suitcase.

It is not easy for the child to accept working in a rest period.

While holidays are a time of rest, they can also be used to catch up or solve some of the difficulties the child may feel at school. Studying in an environment other than the school can help to make the child feel guilty, which is why the parent should not play the role of the teacher or master, because it can block the child.

Some are not in favor of holiday books. For them, holidays can be educational without imposing homework. A stroll in the nature, the visits of historical monuments, the visit of a museum ... will be able to enrich the child, without constraining it as would the imposition of a notebook of holidays.

Is this really a good idea? How to make the child accept to study? Is it right, or wrong, to associate homework and holidays? Corvée, pressure, maintenance of achievements, pleasure to learn ... opinions are divided. So what should we think?

Schoolbag: watch out for back pain!

The weight of the binder is often more than 20% of the weight of the child i How to avoid back problems for our children? Here are the tips of the osteopath ...

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Authors: Sylvie Charbonnier and Lisa Nadji.
Expert consultant: Dr. Youssef Mourtada, child psychiatrist.
Last updated: July 2014.

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