Burn-out: the symptoms

The symptoms of burnout appear insidiously. It starts with the stress of everyday life on the way to work. It can manifest as malaise, nervous tension, irritability, or physical symptoms (abdominal pain, gastric burns, headaches, etc.). Over time, these symptoms become more common and increase as work pressure increases.

At the same time, the ability to concentrate decreases and lowers productivity at work. The resultant feeling of inefficiency justifies the guilt of working less. If this guilt is not defused (by working on oneself or with the support of the boss or other employees), and the pressure at work continues, the vicious circle is launched. The more the person feels guilty about doing poorly, the more pressure he puts on himself. And so on, until the appearance of burn-out.

When taken too late, burnout can have significant consequences, both on the individual level (lower morale, depression, family conflicts, problems with the couple, etc.) than on the professional level (decreased productivity, absenteeism, etc.). Which is harmful, since it could easily be prevented or even avoided. Provided that the taboo is raised!

How to reduce stress in the office? A neuroscience researcher from Inserm explains the difference between bad and good stress and how to avoid a possible malaise caused by occupational stress.

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