Bronchiolitis in infants: the solutions when baby has a cold

When a baby has a cold, you should remember to blow your nose regularly, especially before giving a bottle so that he can breathe while he is drinking.

It can be blown away with a baby fly, or with tissues or dry cottons twisted into the nose and gently removed.

Also be careful not to overcloth baby, that his room is not too hot and that the atmosphere is not too dry.

And above all, do not smoke in the rooms where the children live! Smoking is prohibited in places where babies live, smoke causing bronchial irritation in everyone and especially children and infants.

A person with a very cold, even a mother or siblings, must avoid getting too close to a baby. The mother or the person with a cold who needs to take care of the baby can wear a mask (sold in a pharmacy).

If a baby has a cold, uncork his nose, watch the good: if he is embarrassed to breathe, if he drinks badly his bottle and especially if he is less than 3 months, show it to a doctor. If he has bronchiolitis, he will have to be hospitalized for a few days to watch him.

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