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Carefully treat sports accidents

Sprains, fatigue fractures, tendinitis, breakdowns ... athletes, whatever their level, are never safe from the risk of injury.

There are about one million sports accidents every year. Men are more likely to be injured (640, 000 versus 270, 000 women), and team sports are the primary providers of injuries, along with cycling, winter sports, gym and horse riding.

Often, these accidents are due to mistakes that are repeated during training. It is therefore important to know the actions that are the cause of the most common sports injuries, so as to prevent them.

In the event of an accident or sports injury, the first rule to follow is very simple: it is imperative to stop the sports activity and quickly consult a doctor. It should be known that some wounds, which appear benign and not serious, could hide larger lesions ...

In this issue, find out how to cure ankle sprain, pubic pain, tendonitis, or knee problems: osteoarthritis, cruciate ligament rupture, pain in the neck outside of the knee. Finally, read the interview of a sports doctor who gives some tracks of treatments ... without medication!

Author: Nathalie Mathieu.
Expert consultant: Dr Vincent Grémeaux, sports doctor, CHU Dijon.
Last update: January 2011.

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