Prepare your skin well in the sun

Whether it's the approach of the summer, before going on a trip to a sunny country, before skiing ... or just before sunbathing on a terrace: it is important to prepare well her skin in the sun to protect her from her misdeeds.

We often speak of the famous "good-looking" effect that gives us a nice tanned complexion. And we must admit that the sun brings various benefits to our body, especially on the morale, but not only! Even from the medical point of view, UV rays (well dosed and controlled) can be beneficial in case of certain diseases.

Unfortunately, too much exposure - and without adequate protection - to the sun can seriously affect our health, especially our skin. We must not neglect the dangers that the sun has for our health and therefore prepare the skin for the sun.

So how to enjoy the sun and tan safely? What are the good reflexes to have during and after a solar exposure? How to choose the best sunscreen for your skin? Discover in our file our advice as well as the recommendations of a dermatologist to prepare your skin in the sun and protect it from the dangers of UV rays!

Evaluate your sun capital

Before sun exposure, know that we all have sun capital - a sort of "sun credit" that allows each individual to fight against a given amount of UV rays. This sun capital is depleted over time, more or less quickly depending on its skin, also taking into account the number of moles (especially if they are more than 5 mm in diameter), heredity and solar exposures that we had. The brown spots on the exposed areas are a sign that one has exhausted this capital.

Important: once this sun capital is depleted, the skin is no longer able to protect itself from the harmful effects of the sun and repair the damage it has caused. The consequence: any additional exposure to the sun promotes the development of skin cancers as well as early skin aging.

Quiz: How to protect yourself from the sun?

Do you know what to do to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun? Test your knowledge!

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To know all about effective sun protection:
> Start by reading the recommendations of a dermatologist.
> Discover the good habits to have in case of sun exposure to enjoy a tan without risks.
> Learn how to choose the best sunscreen for your skin.

Author: Christine Vilnet.
Expert consultant: Dr. Françoise Roudil, dermatologist, general secretary of the dermatologists' union.

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