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How to choose your sunglasses: the advice of the ophthalmologist

Interview with Dr. Benjamin Wolff, ophthalmologist of the Rothschild Foundation (Paris).

I expose myself less than two hours a day in the sun, is it still dangerous?

The most reasonable is to avoid sun exposure when the light is strongest, between noon and 2 pm. The environment also plays an important role: on a glacier, for example, the exposure is stronger than in the city or in a forest.

At what age is it most important to protect your eyes from the sun?

At any age it is very important to protect your eyes, especially during prolonged exposure. In children, it is more in terms of prevention, in order to avoid creating eye damage, whereas in the elderly, adequate protection avoids aggravating pre-existing lesions.

I forgot my glasses on a sunny day, what to do?

Make use of common sense: during a long exposure (holidays, beach, mountain hike, ski ...): use hats, umbrellas, and shelter in the shade when the sun is at its zenith.

Apart from the sun, what external factors are the "sworn enemies" of the eye?

Irritating factors are numerous, and the eye is constantly "aggressed": sand, wind, heat, chlorine, pollution, work on screen ....

Tobacco is a well-known risk factor for many diseases of the eye: AMD and the occurrence of cataracts. Smoke, which comes in contact with the eyes, can further aggravate a pre-existing dry eye.

Do you suffer from AMD?

Do you experience signs of age-related macular degeneration? To see more clearly ... Take the test of the grid of Amsler!

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