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Constipated baby: the causes

Baby constipation can have several causes.

When a baby is breastfed, its stools are particularly frequent and liquid (yellow). He dirtyed his diapers most of the time at the time of feedings. This is the case for 90% of breastfed babies.

However, in 10% of cases, infants have more rare stools, especially when breastfeeding continues. When stools become scarce, it simply means that the maternal diet has few residues. Its transit is slower, insofar as it is not favored by the supply of fibers.
He may also have an episode of constipation after diarrhea. This is a normal phenomenon.

Power changes

Any change in diet may be the cause of temporary constipation. For example, when the baby passes from breast to bottle, it is not unusual for his transit to be disrupted. The time for him to get used to his new diet. This is also the case when flours are introduced into bottles at around six months of age.

Constipation of the baby can also result from a change in the mother's diet, when she feeds it on the breast. Your baby is eating what you eat. If you yourself suddenly change your diet, it suffers the consequences.
Constipation can also be linked to stress . This is true among the older ones, but it's true also in infants. For example, a baby guarded by her mother, who enters day care or nursery can express her stress with an episode of constipation.

Constipation may still be related to the difficulties of toilet training, around 18 months. If the child is asked too early for a cleanliness effort that he has not yet integrated, this can lead to a kind of blockage. Indeed, the child is naturally clean. Learning the pot is only a help from parents to a natural phenomenon. Even without learning, the child would not do it indefinitely! But not all children are ready at the same time. It depends on the babies: some are faster than others to be clean, and asking for this effort too early can cause stress and therefore constipation.

Inadequate water intake

Another common factor that promotes functional constipation is inadequate water intake. The baby takes the breast, or drinks his bottle and it seems to us that this liquid diet is sufficient to hydrate it.

But when the diet is diversified, that we introduce the meal or that go from the bottle to the first puree, then the child may run out of water and this may be the cause of constipation.

The baby does not always know he is thirsty. We must think, especially during the summer, to give him a small bottle of water to allow him to hydrate. This water intake will moisturize the stool and prevent possible constipation.

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