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Baby is 1 month old

Baby is 1 month old. Here is some information that will allow you to better appreciate, to better analyze the development of your baby. And know what to watch for at this age.

Weight, height of a baby at 1 month

It all depends of course on the size, weight and sex of the baby at birth ... But since that first day, your baby had to gain a little weight and a few centimeters.

After losing a little weight after birth, the pounds are in principle gone up, probably crossing the 4 kg mark. If this is not the case, take the advice of your doctor to detect a possible digestive problem. Repeated regurgitation may, for example, interfere with weight gain. This can be an allergy to milk, etc.

Some babies have, in the first days, a small breast, because of the influence of the mother's hormones during pregnancy. In the girl, for the same reason, it can also appear small vaginal secretions.

The shape of the baby's skull gradually harmonized. Indeed, following delivery, her skull may have been slightly deformed (plagiocephaly).

His eyes, their color. There is nothing specific at that time. The color of the iris evolves during childhood. So even if your baby has very dark or very clear eyes, know that in a few months and even a few years, their color will change again.

Infographics on sleep of newborns presented by the Baby Dodo Blog.

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