Astigmatism: the symptoms

For some cases of very weak astigmatism, the symptoms may be absent, almost imperceptible by the person.

For a more important disorder, the symptoms of astigmatism are an imprecise, fuzzy, blurred vision ...

The astigmatic person sees poorly contrasted objects: according to the degree of astigmatism (the importance and the axis where there is a lack of convergence), it can confuse certain letters such as H, M, N, O, the B and the D.

The symptoms of astigmatism correspond to a defect of vision which can - in extreme cases, cause headaches or visual fatigue. Astigmatism can be an isolated disorder, but quite often it is associated with myopia or hyperopia. Or of course a presbyopia (difficulty to see closely with age).

After an examination by an ophthalmologist, it makes a prescription in which, it indicates the correction to perform. In case of astigmatism, it indicates in brackets the degree of importance of the astigmatism, and an angle to indicate the axis, the orientation of the astigmatism.
Example prescription for one eye: - 3.50 (+1.00) 90 °.

  • - 3.50 indicates the importance of myopia.
  • With an astigmatism of +1.00, and an angle of 90 °.

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