Osteoarthritis: prevention

The first treatment for osteoarthritis is probably its prevention. When we know the risk factors of the disease, we can try to limit the effects, or even to avoid it.

However, when the signs appear and become too troublesome, several responses are possible to treat osteoarthritis, depending on the severity of the lesions.

First come non-pharmacological treatments:

  • Save your articulation: do not repeat bad movements, for example.
  • Exercise: If the cartilage can not grow back, the bone can be strengthened by physical activity, and a better musculature will protect the remaining cartilage.
  • Taking non-pharmacological nutrients (vitamin D, for example, in case of deficiency).
  • Functional rehabilitation, physiotherapy can relieve pain, correct certain movements, etc. This rehabilitation is one of the solutions not to neglect to properly treat osteoarthritis.
  • Spa treatments can be of great interest. Hot water, massages, the benefits of water or mud rich in elements, all this can help fight the pain of osteoarthritis. And to acquire new postural habits. The cures usually last three weeks, at the rate of four treatments a day. These include hot baths, steam baths, massages, mud application and jet showers. Hot water helps relax the stiff muscles and fight against pain.
  • Undertake a slimming diet if necessary. It has been said, too much weight is one of the factors favoring osteoarthritis.

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