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Aphrodisiacs: these foods of love

The effects of certain foods on libido ... myth or reality?
At all times, on all continents, man has sought the miracle elixir that would allow him to perform sexual prowess. Despite the false myths, some ingredients have always been recognized for their "exciting" and stimulating properties, their ability to boost libido: aphrodisiac foods .

Oh, if only it was so simple! Who has not dreamed of owning the recipe of the famous filter of love that promises a hectic night of passion? If we had aphrodisiac food at our fingertips at all times that would surely guarantee an unforgettable sensual experience, would not it be wonderful? And if it was true ? If our sexual happiness was just tidy in the closet of our kitchen? We wanted to know everything!

Ginger, oysters, truffles, spices ... what is it really? Do these foods have real libido powers? Or the aphrodisiac effect of these foods would only happen in our head? We have attempted to provide some answers to this broad question to try to unravel the actual incidence and placebo effect of these products on sexual performance.

In this article, find out which spices, plants and foods have aphrodisiac properties. Also learn to recognize the "enemies" of libido, thanks to the advice of dietetician Sarah Pellet.

Finally, you are given culinary advice: go to the stove to prepare a menu "love at first sight" specially concocted for you and your partner.

Author: Clémentine Fitaire.
Consultant: Sarah Pellet, dietician.

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