Announce your pregnancy: Your parents and relatives

How to best announce a pregnancy to his parents and relatives?
Many expectant mothers are waiting for the end of the first trimester to tell the family the news. This is understandable, especially in the case of a history of miscarriage. It's up to you to choose the moment and the method that suits you best. Phone call, "official" dinner, little surprises ...

Do not be offended if your parents react to your pregnancy unexpectedly; emotion sometimes gives curious reactions. A pregnancy, especially when it comes to the first, really upsets the roles. Parents go back a step in the genealogy and become grandparents. They must "digest" the news.

Announcing a sister, a friend who has difficulty getting pregnant can be difficult; but do not hide it, it might hurt him more. As a true friend, she will be by your side during this beautiful adventure.

Your children

The arrival of a little brother or sister is a big upheaval for a child. The best is to announce it early enough, especially since the child is very receptive to changes at his mother. But beware, it does not mean that the eldest must be involved in the medical process; for example, he does not have to attend the ultrasound.

Take the time to answer your child's questions, reassure him that you will always love him.

It may be that the announcement of this news destabilizes it, even that it takes it badly; Do not worry. In other cases, he will not realize that his mom's belly will not bend consistently. Again, time will do things.

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