Amnesia: The treatments

The treatment of amnesia is that of its cause. Because amnesia is more a symptom than a disease. This is why, in the presence of amnesia, the doctor must first carefully analyze the type of amnesia and carry out a thorough clinical examination.

Depending on the type of amnesia, history, and whether there are other neurological symptoms, the doctor may consider a more specific cause. Also, a careful examination of cognitive functions will make it possible to evaluate the existence or not of a dementia. Faced with proven amnesia, the prescription of an imaging (scanner, MRI) proves most often necessary. Even if some cerebral damages of the memory are not visible to the imagery.

If amnesia is the symptom of a brain injury, the treatment will be medical, or neurosurgical (if tumor for example), often in the hospital setting.

If amnesia is indicative of the onset of Alzheimer's disease, drug therapy should be initiated as early as possible to slow the progression of the disease. And of course other specific treatments for the disease will be put in place ...

If the amnesia is consecutive to a catch of toxic products (drugs), this one will have to be weaned, sometimes in a hospital setting.

Finally, if the amnesia is of psychic origin (when the other cerebral causes have been eliminated), the most appropriate treatment is psychotherapy, or at least the psychological support.

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