Allergies: the causes

The causes of allergies are becoming better known. Different biological mediators intervene in the process of an allergy. And at the end of the chain of biological events, cells secrete a large amount of the histamine that causes the allergic reaction.

Allergy is a disproportionate response of our body to a normally harmless external agent (pollen, cat hair, strawberries ...).

In order for the allergic reaction to occur, the organism must first have been in contact with the offending substance, called an allergen, by the respiratory, food or cutaneous route. Following this contact, the body makes specific antibodies against the allergen, this is the awareness phase. It can last several years.

It is unclear why the body makes antibodies against this or that allergen. It is certain that genetic factors play an important role but our way of life also if we believe the strong growth of allergic phenomena.

After this latency period, if the body is again in contact with the same agent, the antibodies react and the allergic reaction is triggered sometimes immediately or delayed, it can take various forms: rhinitis, conjunctivitis, asthma, urticaria ...

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What is a respiratory allergy? At what age can we develop an allergy? Is it hereditary? Can we prevent an allergy? The essentials about allergies in 19 questions!

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