Algodystrophy: the testimony of a patient

Gilberte, 68 years old, has been suffering from arm resurfacing for 8 months. She brings her testimony:

What were the first signs of dystrophy?

It started last summer when I fractured my arm as I fell down the stairs. I was then plastered. But soon enough, a pain has gained the elbow and the hand. My arm was very swollen, I could not move it for 3 months. I suffered from vomiting and diarrhea. My hand was very cold, then very hot, then cold again ...

How was diagnosed with RSDS?

My surgeon then diagnosed a "shoulder-hand" syndrome and prescribed 60 physiotherapy sessions (massage and physiotherapy). Since then, my elbow has deflated but my hand remains swollen and it is permanently frozen. My fingers are stiff, I can not bend them, nor to put back my wedding ring.

In your case, the pain lasts for no time ...

It is a pain difficult to bear. In my case, it's been 8 months and it's not over, I was told. It takes a lot of patience. My surgeon prescribed 15 new physiotherapy sessions and I continue taking pain medication.

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