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Addictions and sophrology: How is a sophrology session?

At first, the person can substitute his addictive practice with a positive thought, a gesture of relaxation, facilitating the management of anxiety. For example, instead of lighting a cigarette to de-stress, the person will be able to practice several abdominal breaths with the intention of relieving tension.

It is the repetition of the gesture and the positive intention that will help the person to anchor the relaxation. Better access to resources, a more harmonious way of living in the present are the objectives of learning these sophrology techniques.

How many sessions do you need?

The number of sessions depends on the degree of addiction. It is best to follow about 5 sessions at a minimum, in order to learn how to target your weaknesses and make them disappear or at least mitigate them. Sophrology sessions can be held for one hour per week.

The effects of sophrology will not be immediate, but in the long term. It is recommended to practice sophrology exercises also learned at home.

How much does it cost ?

The cost of an individual session is 50 and 60 euros for one hour. A group session is less expensive. It rises to about 20 euros for an hour.

Sophrology sessions are not reimbursed by the Health Insurance. It should be noted that mutual insurance companies or private insurers can take care of these sessions. Just inquire before.

In video: addiction to sex, it exists!

In this video interview, Dr. William Lowenstein, addictologist, gives the definition of an addiction, and in particular of addiction to sex. It details the reasons and the different forms of this dependence.

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Author: Margaret Fran├žois
Expert Consultant: Catherine Aliotta, Director of the Sophrology Training Institute.

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