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Tinnitus: The causes

The appearance of tinnitus can have different causes.
> It can be secondary to a pathology of the external, middle or internal ear (otitis externa, tubal catarrh, serous otitis, cholesteatoma, ...), infectious, inflammatory, tumoral, vascular pathology.

> Sound trauma such as an explosion, a gunshot, music heard too loudly during a concert or in a discotheque are tinnitus generators.

> Ototoxic drugs (toxic to the ears) can cause tinnitus.

> Aging with the occurrence of presbycusis (age-related deafness) may also be associated with tinnitus.

> They can also be the sign of a cerebral tumor pathology or located on the auditory nerve (neuroma) or vascular.

> Meniere's disease (or vertigo) can cause tinnitus. This disease is dominated by vertigo, associated with disturbances of balance and a decrease of hearing; these signs are all on the same side. It is necessary to check that there are no neurological causes of symptoms and confirm their cochleobuccal origin. The disease progresses to deafness after several years.

> Pulsatile, synchronous tinnitus of the pulse is oriented towards a vascular pathology. Hypertension, anemia or hyperviscosity can cause pulsatile tinnitus. They are bilateral. But unilateral pulsatile tinnitus is finally common and it is rare to find a vascular cause; a doppler of the vessels of the neck or an angio-MRI (ie an MRI of the cerebral vessels which will be visible thanks to the injection of a product of contrast in the blood) will make it possible to see if there exists a vascular malformation.

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