Compulsive shopping: consequences and risks

The pecuniary consequences

The consequences of repeated compulsive shopping are not the least. You can be smart and spendthrift, but know how to set limits to your finances. In this case, it is a choice. Being a compulsive buyer is not: spending is no longer controlled, and sometimes even completely denied ... until the banker cries red!

The compulsive buyer lives on a daily basis with ... her overdrafts, and sometimes suffers from substantial debts. And the use of consumer credit, sometimes easy solutions, will only contribute to weighing them down.

This behavior, although initially euphoric, will lead in the medium term to sometimes irreversible situations. Guilty, these financial impasses can be at the origin of a great suffering.

Personal, social and family consequences

Insidiously, harmful consequences on the personal, professional and family life, can come to point their nose.

Pecuniary difficulties may themselves result in personal and family consequences. In the same way, the loss of time caused by hours of frantic purchases can have a negative impact on work and the life of a couple: it will sometimes be necessary to blend into explanations in front of his concubine or his boss to justify our hours of work. late arrival at home or at work. The feeling of shame resulting from repeated purchases can also lead to depression and loss of self-confidence.

From compromised projects to marital conflict, abandoned recreation and truncated work hours: these are the consequences and risks of compulsive buying.

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