Dental abscess: treatments

The first treatment of a dental abscess is to drain the abscess, the prescription of an antibiotic is not systematic.

  • The dentist cleans the endodontus, the roots and the dental canal, and seals the root canal with a sterile filling, the tooth is then devitalized.
  • If the tooth is very degraded, the laying of a crown will be necessary.
  • If the antibiotic is the rule for at-risk patients, in cardiac patients or with cancer or osteoporosis, it may be necessary to extract the infected tooth or teeth.


There are simple ways to prevent the occurrence of dental abscess. Among the preventive treatments:

  • Oral hygiene is the best defense: it is imperative to brush your teeth at least twice a day, to possibly use a floss, to schedule an annual visit to the dentist for a descaling, and to check that everything is going well. good.
  • In smokers, hygiene must be irreproachable. Tobacco changes the nature of the blood vessels and decreases the body's natural defenses. It increases the risk of periodontal diseases, and therefore dental abscesses.

These tips deserve to be applied to the letter, especially when you have been a victim of a dental abscess, we know how much better it is to avoid a recurrence.

Dental Care: How to prevent caries & cie?

Toothbrush and toothpaste, dental floss, shower bath and food ... 18 tips to preserve the health of your teeth ..!

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