Dental abscess: the symptoms

It is sometimes difficult to distinguish the specific symptoms of a dental abscess, especially in people with inflammatory gums.

Some warning signs must however alert:

  • a sensitivity to cold,
  • a sensitivity to chewing,
  • headaches.

When the abscess has formed, there is:

  • redness and swelling of the gums,
  • a nauseating breath,
  • the pain can be lively too.

If, after a few days, the pain subsides or disappears, do not be reassured, because the dental abscess evolves by outbreaks, with painful periods and periods of remission.

If you wait to treat an abscess located on the gum, you put at risk the supporting tissues of the tooth, with loss of attachment and progressive destruction of the alveolar bone, caused by continuous inflammation.

It will of course be necessary to contact a dentist quickly. While waiting to consult it, one can advise of:

  • Make very hot mouthwashes to promote the ripening of the abscess and drainage of the gums.
  • Drink plenty of water to drain the toxins and limit an infectious risk at a distance (to other organs).
  • Smokers should avoid smoking until treatment, as smoking can promote a faster spread of infection.

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