9 slimming creams on the test bench

"Losing a size in a few weeks" is what we often promise slimming creams.

Mincir without diet, without sport, without suffering ... It's our dream to all. The slimming creams seem to turn our dream into reality. But here it is: between all the gels, creams and different active exfoliating, massaging or draining, icicles or heating effect, it is difficult to navigate. Moreover, the promise of thinness coming from a tube of cream - it seems almost too good to be true ...

We decided to help you see things more clearly. In order to know what these slimming products really are worth, we have tested different slimming creams for you. But let's be clear, whether these "miracle" products make an impact or not - it does not change the fact that nothing beats a healthy lifestyle, namely: a balanced diet and regular physical activity.

And now, place 9 slimming creams, which are sifted through our uncompromising testers!

Find out their verdict and the notes they gave them.

Also find the opinion of Dr. Nina Roos, dermatologist, the effectiveness of these slimming products that have the wind in their sails: when and how should you use slimming creams? Are creams containing caffeine really better? And do they match all skin types? Quickly discover the answers of our expert!

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Author: Clémentine Fitaire.
Last updated: March 2011.

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